Breasts and Eggs

By Mieko Kawakami

You could be into a long meditation on the joys, pains and conflicting desires of living in a woman’s body.

“Breasts and Eggs” is a beautiful, literary meditation on a woman’s desire – or lack thereof. In the first part of the novel, we meet Natsuko, her sister Makiko, and her niece Midoriko. Makiko is desperate for one thing: a boob job. Natsuko doesn’t really understand, but she supports her sister. Midoriko, who is starting to understand puberty, is appalled. Part two dives deeper into Natsuko’s conflicting desires. She’s asexual, but she wants a child. This book is visceral and intimate. Kawakami’s prose is heart-wrenching but ultimately hopeful. We absolutely loved it.

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